Tanning Beds, Funeral Homes, and Tattoo Parlors

Local Inspectors make sure that the equipment used in the tanning beds meet health and safety guidelines, and that the operators are knowledgeable in the procedures to help protect the patrons from skin damage.

Funeral Homes are checked to ensure that the embalming rooms and crematoriums are separated from the public, and that public water supplies are protected from contamination.

Tattoo Parlors are checked for sterilization and sanitary conditions. With the increase in blood borne diseases such as HIV, it is imperative that these operations are following strict public health safety rules and regulations.

Real Estate Time of Transfer Inspections

Carroll County requires an inspection of the septic system, testing of private wells and plugging abandoned wells at the time of sale. The Seller is responsible for having the inspection completed and presenting the report to the prospective buyer, prior to or during the negotiation of the sale. There is no requirement to repair or upgrade the well if the sample is contaminated, but there is a requirement to upgrade the septic system if there is any illegal discharge.

Food Service Inspections

Food Service inspections are performed by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals for Carroll and Greene Counties, and by The Shelby County Environmental Health Department for Crawford County.

Boil Order Advisory Information for Food Service Facilities

Swimming Pools & Spas

Ever wonder why there is so much chlorine in swimming pools and spas? Because we require it to protect people from transmitting and contracting disease through the water. The Environmental Health Department conducts a comprehensive inspection of all public swimming pools and spas in the three county area. Items such as water quality, disinfection, testing, construction, safety and lifeguard certification are all scrutinized on an annual basis to provide a safe environment for the public.