Death Records

All applications for certified copies of vital records must be in writing and completely identify the record, as well as satisfactorily establish entitlement to the record being requested. Entitled applicants are: any person having a lineal relationship to the registrant, such as a legal parent, grandparent, spouse, brother, sister, child, legal guardian, or legal representative. Application for a certified copy requires a fee of $20.00 for the record search and includes one certified copy. Fees are payable by check, money order or cash. Make checks payable to: Carroll County Recorder.

Application For Certified Copy of an Iowa Vital Record

Note: The above application form can be used at Office of County Recorder/Registrar or Iowa Dept. of Public Health Office

Certified copies of death records are available at the County Recorder/Registrar in the county where the death occurred for the years 1880 through current with the exceptions of 1903-1909 and 1921-1941 which are available at the Iowa Dept. of Public Health, Vital Records.