Marriage Application and Instructions

For all Marriage Application Forms, Please call The County Recorders Office at 712-792-3328

Marriage Application Fees

Marriage license applications may be completed in person at the Office of County Recorder/Registrar with the bride, the groom and an uninterested third party as a witness to the application present. All three parties will need to have photo I.D.'s with them. The witness must be at least 18 years of age. If all three parties are unable to appear together, the application can be completed elsewhere, signatures notarized and then returned to the Recorder/Registrar Office with the $35.00 fee for processing.

There is a three business-day waiting period from the time the completed application is filed to the time the license is valid and available to be picked up.

The marriage application fee is $35.00 and is to be made in cash or by money order. No checks are accepted. There is no credit card choice available. A processed certified copy is included in the fee, and will be mailed to the party after receipt and filing of the marriage certificate.