Board of Supervisors

Agendas, Minutes & Claims

Date: January 21, 2019

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DATE OF MEETING: Monday, January 21, 2019

TIME OF MEETING: 9:00 a.m. C.S.T.


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above-mentioned body will meet at the date, time, and place above set out. The tentative agenda for said meeting is as follows:

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to order
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Old Business/New Business

  1. Dawn Mentzer-Rolling Hills Community Services:
    1. FY20 Budget
    2. 28E Agreement
  2. 9:30 a.m. CADC FY20 Funding Request
  3. IT/P&Z FY20 Budget
  4. Sheriff-Jail Inspection Report
  5. Environmental Health:
    1. FY20 Budget
    2. Rural Property Compliant Discussion
  6. Fricke Building Vacanct Office Space – ReMax Contract
  7. Approve Payables
  8. Canvass Drain 23 Election
  9. Approve FY19 Semi-Annual Substance Abuse Report
  10. Manure Management Annual Updates:
    1. Mike Weitl, Section 13, Eden Township
    2. Doug Sturm, Sturm Finishers, Section 10, Sac Township, Sac County
    3. Ivan Halbur, Section 15, Washington Township
    4. Alan Lueders, Section 1, Hayes Township, Crawford County
    5. Brian Klocke, Section 5, Viola Township, Audubon County
  11. Committee Reports

Comments from those in attendance (comments will be limited to five minutes)


The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in regular adjourned session in the Boardroom of the Courthouse, in Carroll, Iowa, the County seat of said County on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to the adjournment with the following members present: Neil Bock, District 1; Dean Schettler, District 2; Eugene Meiners, District 3; and Richard Ruggles, District 5. Stephanie Hausman, District 4 participated via telephone.

Motion by Meiners, second by Ruggles to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of plat approval. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion by Schettler, second by Ruggles to approve the minutes of the January 14, 2019 meeting as written. On roll call, all voted aye.

Rolling Hills Community Services CEO Dawn Mentzer met with the Board to give an update on the region. Mentzer discussed an access center, Woodbury County and per capita contributions. Mentzer reviewed the FY20 Mental Health budget which includes a $30.75 per capita contribution for a total of $624,840 to be paid to the Rolling Hills Community Services Region in FY20. The County will need to levy for $404,946 in FY20 and use reserve funds of $219,894 for the payment to the region.

Mentzer reviewed the 28E Agreement for Rolling Hills Community Services Region. The 28E Agreement has been revised to add Woodbury County and to make changes to sections 1, 6.1, and 7.1. Following discussion, motion by Meiners, second by Ruggles to approve the 28E Agreement subject to Woodbury County meeting the memorandum of understanding requirements. On roll call, all voted aye.

Shannon Landauer met with the board on behalf of the Carroll Area Development Corporation. CADC asked the board to consider funding in the amount of $75,500 for FY20. They received $72,250 in FY19. CADC is the economic development group for Carroll County, recruiting and promoting new and existing businesses in the county. Landauer reviewed 2018 Activities such as: Business Retention and Expansion, Business Recruitment, Legislative Advocacy, Western Iowa Advantage, and Partnerships and Professional Efforts.

IT Director, Carl Wilburn reviewed his FY20 Budget.

Sheriff Ken Pingrey discussed the Carroll County Jail Inspection Report and reviewed a letter from Delbert Longley, Chief Jail Inspector.

Environmental Health Director, Carey Kersey presented an aerial photo of a rural property that she has received complaints on. The property is located along Phoenix Avenue in Pleasant Valley Township, Section 3. Kersey explained that the Iowa DNR is investigating the parcel and complaints. No action taken, the Board will wait for the DNR investigation to be completed before they make any decisions on the property.

Environmental Health Director, Carey Kersey reviewed her FY20 Budget.

Hausman left the meeting at 10:50 a.m.

The Board discussed the Lenz Insurance and RE/MAX Professional Realty real estate agreement for the vacant office space in the Fricke Building. The current agreement has expired. Following discussion, motion by Schettler, second by Ruggles to renew the agreement with the same terms. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Motion by Meiners, second by Schettler to approve payment of payables as presented. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Board proceeded to canvass the results of the Drain 23 Election, held Saturday, January 19, 2019. Dick Wernimont was elected to the position of Drainage Trustee for District Two, with a total of five votes. Motion by Meiners, second by Ruggles to approve the canvass and abstract for the January 19, 2019 Drain 23 Election. On roll call, Bock, aye; Ruggles, aye; Schettler, aye; and Meiners, aye. Motion carried. (Abstract on file in the Auditor’s Office).

Motion by Schettler, second by Ruggles to approve the FY19 Semi-Annual Substance Abuse Grant report. On roll call, all present voted aye, except for Meiners who abstained.

Board reviewed manure management annual updates for Mike Weitl in Section 13 of Eden Township; Doug Sturm, Sturm Finishers in Section 10 of Sac Township, Sac County; Ivan Halbur in Section 15 of Washington Township; Alan Lueders in Section 1 of Hayes Township, Crawford County; and Brian Klocke in Section 5 of Viola Township, Audubon County.

Motion by Meiners, second by Bock to approve a plat of survey for Lot A of Lot 1 NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 29-82-36. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Schettler reported on Conservation Board meeting, pre-budget meetings, Board of Health meeting, Region V Hazmat meeting, telephone call from Mark Hansen regarding Middle Raccoon River Watershed, Highway 30 Coalition Conference call, EMA/E-911 Board meeting, and employee luncheon. Upcoming meetings include pre-budgets.

Meiners reported on ISAC New Officer’s School and ISAC Executive Board meeting. Upcoming meetings include: CADC, Policy Council, pre-budget meetings, New Opportunities Board, City/County Roundtable, and YES Center.

Bock reported on pre-budget meetings, Coalition of Human Services meeting, Rolling Hills Community Services Board meeting, and employee luncheon. Upcoming meetings include: radio and newspaper interviews, pre-budgets, RSVP/Foster Grandparents, City/County Roundtable, and Legislative Forum.

Ruggles reported on pre-budget meetings, employee luncheon, and ISAC meetings. Upcoming meetings include: Carroll Day Care, Middle Raccoon River Watershed, City/County Roundtable, and Legislative Forum.

Motion by Ruggles, second by Meiners to adjourn at 11:35 a.m. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Kourtney Irlbeck, Auditor, Neil Bock, Chairman


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