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Agendas, Minutes & Claims

Date: April 02, 2018

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DATE OF MEETING: Monday, April 02, 2018

TIME OF MEETING: 9:00 p.m. D.S.T.


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above-mentioned body will meet at the date, time, and place above set out. The tentative agenda for said meeting is as follows:

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to order
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Old Business/New Business

  1. City of Carroll State Grant – Matching Funds
  2. Approve Plat(s)
  3. Secondary Roads:
    1. Asphalt Contracts
    2. DOT Budget and Program
    3. Drainage Levys
  4. Discuss Courthouse Parking Lot
  5. Manure Management Update:
    1. Floyd & Lisa Klocke, Section 32, Newton Township
    2. Jim Halbur Sec 18, Jim & Dale Halbur, Section 18, Roselle Township
    3. Mark Heithoff, Section 24, Roselle Township
    4. Cory Halbur, Section 16, Ewoldt Township
    5. Hillside, Rodney Hinners, Section 30, Arcadia Township
  6. Committee Reports

Comments from those in attendance


The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in regular adjourned session in the Boardroom of the Courthouse, in Carroll, Iowa, the County seat of said County on Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Daylight Saving Time pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to the adjournment with the following members present: Neil Bock, District 1; Dean Schettler, District 2; and Marty Danzer, District 4. Eugene Meiners, District 3 participated via telephone and Richard Ruggles, District 5 was absent.

Motion by Schettler, second by Bock to approve the agenda as presented. On roll call, all present voted aye. Motion by Bock, second by Schettler to approve the minutes of the March 26, 2018 meeting as written. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Members of the Carroll Library Foundation, Doug Burns and Mitch Hiscocks and City of Carroll employees Mike Pogge-Weaver and Rachel Van ErdeWyk presented a request to the Board for $25,000 in funding to be paid $5,000 annually for five years for the Carroll Public Library Project. The purpose of the $25,000 is to be eligible for a Community Attraction and Tourism Grant and possibly other grant opportunities. The foundation is seeking $600,000 in funding from the Community Attraction and Tourism Grant. Following discussion, the Board will address this request at next week’s meeting. No formal action taken.

Motion by Bock, second by Schettler to approve a plat of survey for Lots 1-4 S1/2 Section 24-85-36. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Paulson presented the signed asphalt contracts: STP-S-CO14(163)- -5E-14 County Road N38 from junction US 30 to Lidderdale; STP-S-CO14(164)- -5E-14 E16 from Breda west 4.7 miles to junction US 71; and LFM-165- -7X-14 E35 from WCL Carroll West .75 miles to junction of Kittyhawk Avenue. The Board approved the contracts at the March 12, 2018 meeting. Paulson explained that the Contractor had signed the contracts and the Board Chair should sign the contracts and he would forward to the Iowa DOT. Danzer signed the contracts.

County Engineer Dave Paulson reviewed the FY19 DOT budget and the Five Year Secondary Roads Construction Program. Projects include bridge replacement, culvert replacement, culvert repair, shouldering, and pavement rehab. The Engineer reviewed funding sources, which include local funding, farm-to-market, special funding, and federal aid. Motion by Bock, second by Schettler to approve the Five Year Secondary Roads Construction Program and FY19 DOT budget. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Paulson reviewed drains that need to be assessed. Motion by Meiners, second by Schettler to approve the following drainage assessments: 25% on Drain 26, 80% on Drain 33, 50% on Drain 70, 20% on Drain 72, 7% on Drain 82, 25% on Drain 86, 12% on Drain 90, 3% on Drain 102A, and 20% on Drain 109. On roll call, all present voted aye. Drainage assessments will be sent out with FY19 property tax statements.

Board discussed the Courthouse north parking lot. Discussion centered on safety of persons crossing the driveway to enter the Courthouse. The Board instructed Paulson to check on costs of a temporary speed bump and stop signs. Paulson will report back to the Board the costs, no formal decision made.

Board reviewed manure management annual updates for Floyd & Lisa Klocke in Section 32 of Newton Township; Jim Halbur Sec 18, Jim & Dale Halbur in Section 18 of Roselle Township; Mark Heithoff in Section 24 of Roselle Township; Cory Halbur in Section 16 of Ewoldt Township; and Hillside, Rodney Hinners in Section 30 of Arcadia Township.

Schettler no official meetings. No upcoming meetings.

Bock reported on RSVP/Foster Grandparents compliance visit and Jail Committee meeting. Upcoming meetings include: RSVP/Foster Grandparents and Legislative Forum.

Danzer no official meetings. Upcoming meetings include: Western Iowa Advantage and Hungry Canyons.

Meiners reported on Jail Committee meeting. No upcoming meetings.

Motion by Schettler, second by Bock to adjourn at 10:32 a.m. On roll call, all present voted aye.

Kourtney Irlbeck, Auditor, Marty Danzer, Chairman


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