Board of Supervisors

Agendas, Minutes & Claims

Date: July 30, 2018

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DATE OF MEETING: Monday, July 30, 2018

TIME OF MEETING: 9:00 p.m. D.S.T.


PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above-mentioned body will meet at the date, time, and place above set out. The tentative agenda for said meeting is as follows:

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to order
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Old Business/New Business

  1. Treasurer Department Update
  2. Ambulance Department Update
  3. 9:30 a.m. PFM Financial – Financial Advisor Presentation
  4. Approve Plats
  5. Approve FY18 Substance Abuse & Prevention Report
  6. 10:00 a.m. Northland Financial – Financial Advisor Presentation
  7. Department Head Request for IT Department Analysis
  8. Manure Management Annual Updates:
    1. EB Pork, Esta Raasch, Section 27, Roselle Township
    2. Dennis & Bill Vonnahme, Section 25, Wheatland Township
    3. Ziegmann Brothers, Section 3, Jackson Township, Crawford County
    4. Bladen Pork, Juergens Brothers LLC, Section 17, Union Township
    5. Schon Farms #1, Joey Schon, Section 11, Grant Township
    6. Joe Danner, Section 22, Glidden Township
    7. Brian Schroeder Home, Brian Schroeder, Section 21, Arcadia Township
    8. Nissly & Nissly Site 1, Section 32, Arcadia Township
  9. Committee Reports

Comments from those in attendance


The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in regular adjourned session in the Boardroom of the Courthouse, in Carroll, Iowa, the County seat of said County on Monday, July 30, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Daylight Saving Time pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to the adjournment with all members present: Neil Bock, District 1; Dean Schettler, District 2; Eugene Meiners, District 3; Marty Danzer, District 4; and Richard Ruggles, District 5.

Motion by Schettler, second by Bock to approve the agenda as presented. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion by Ruggles, second by Meiners to approve the minutes of the July 23, 2018 meeting as written. On roll call, voted aye.

County Treasurer Jean Seidl gave a department update. Seidl discussed driver’s license issuance numbers, real id, ERT program, and CDL testing.

Ambulance Director Darrell Baker gave a department update. Baker discussed RAGBRAI, Union wage issue, Department of Labor, water issues, driveway, floor drains, temperature boxes for meds, and AEDs.

Susanne Gerlach, Director and Jen Smith with PFM Financial Advisors LLC met with the Board to give an overview of services their firm can offer during the proposed Jail project. Gerlach gave a background on the company, explained processes, and discussed costs.

Motion by Meiners, second by Ruggles to approve plats of survey for Lot 1 NE1/4 NW1/4 and Lot 1 NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 15-83-33 and Lot 1 NW1/4 SW1/4 Section 34-82-34. On roll call, all voted aye.

Motion by Schettler, second by Bock to approve FY18 Substance Abuse & Prevention report. On roll call, all voted aye.

Jeff Heil, Senior Vice President and Heidi Kuhl, Vice President with Northland Securities met with the Board to give an overview of services their firm can offer during the proposed Jail project. Heil gave a background on the company, explained processes, and discussed costs.

IT Director, Carl Wilburn met with the Board to explain Paying IT Forward – ICIT’s County Technology Assessment Program. Wilburn explained that during a recent Department Head meeting this program was discussed and the Department Head’s all felt this would be beneficial to Carroll County due to the upcoming retirement of Wilburn. Wilburn explained that surveys are provided to help the County identify what they want to have assessed. Some of the items assessed during past engagements have included: Infrastructure, security, financial, and GIS. The only costs to the County would be the tech team’s lodging, meals and travel, estimated to be approximately $2,500 depending on the number of tech team members. Following discussion, motion by Schettler, second by Meiners to allow Wilburn to schedule ICIT for Paying IT Forward. On roll call, all voted aye.

Board reviewed manure management annual updates for EB Pork, Esta Raasch in Section 27 of Roselle Township; Dennis & Bill Vonnahme in Section 25 of Wheatland Township; Ziegmann Brothers in Section 3 of Jackson Township, Crawford County; Bladen Pork, Juergens Brothers LLC. in Section 17 of Union Township; Schon Farms #1, Joey Schon in Section 11 of Grant Township; Joe Danner in Section 22 of Glidden Township; Brian Schroeder Home, Brian Schroeder in Section 21 of Arcadia Township; and Nissly & Nissly Site 1 in Section 32 of Arcadia Township.

Ruggles reported on Glidden City Council meeting and Region XII Open House. Upcoming Calhoun County field day.

Schettler no official meetings. No upcoming meetings.

Bock reported on update of 2nd Judicial District in Marshalltown, Glidden City Council meeting, and RSVP/Foster Grandparents meeting. Upcoming meetings include: radio/newspaper interviews and Rolling Hills Community Services.

Meiners reported on Glidden City Council meeting and CADC. No upcoming meetings.

Danzer reported on RAGBRAI volunteering, Glidden City Council meeting, sign lease extension, sign checks at Region XII, Region XII Open House, and discussion with Jason Brincks regarding roofing ordinance.

Motion by Ruggles, second by Meiners to adjourn at 11:30 a.m. On roll call, all voted aye.

Kourtney Irlbeck, Auditor, Marty Danzer, Chairman


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